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Anon or not-anon writers can claim their completed fills for the ficathon here! Gather all your links and post it in the comments, for ease of readers to track down your fills and throw their hearts at your work <3. Please refrain from commenting on the author's post itself so they could still edit it later!

(Leave a comment on their fill instead, or the writers may provide links to their own twitters/lj/tumblr/etc :D)

EDIT: It seems some claiming comments are disappearing into the void and not even into the spam filter :o I've turned off the spam filter for now. Please repost! (My apologies for this weird thing.)
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Here we go again!

VIXX 3SF is a go! )

Edit: Claiming post here to keep track of your fills!

Edit 2: Some anon prompts/fills might be accidentally marked as spam by lj. if your comment got caught in the spam filter just message me and I'll fix it :D - message from your friendly neighborhood host

Edit 3: AAAAAAAAAND THAT'S IT WE'RE DONE THAT'S A WRAP FOLKS! This post will now be closed to new prompts and fills. Thank you both anons and not-anons for chiming in with their prompts, ficnons for filling to their heart's content and giving us wonderful drabbles and aus, and for readers for, well, reading and commenting :D We've reached over 900 comments in about 20 days isn't that amazing? (That is the only stats I can do at this point haha). So thank you to the generous peeps for sharing their writing! And to the generous tlist who've participated and spread the word! (And now I will close up shop. But claiming post will remain open!)
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Want to claim all the fills you have completed for the ficathon? Gather all ye links and post it in the comments here! (So people can track you down and throw their love at you easily haha)

Edit: Please refrain from commenting on the author's post so they could still edit it later! (Don't be like me /o\) Authors can provide twitter links so they can be contacted (and showered with love) through other means :)

Edit 2: LJ has been marking some comments as spam and/or eating them for breakfast. Please be patient as a unmark them, they'll come up eventually hehe.
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EDIT 2: AND THAT'S A WRAP! VIXX Three Sentence Ficathon is now closed...

To new prompts hehe. Writers may continue to fill and readers may continue to shower them love and praises. But please refrain from adding new prompts (because yes, all good things must come to an end, but we might come back? sometime-ish?).

All virtual cakes and Vixx hugs to anons, not-anons, signed LJ users, and friends and friends' friends for prompting and writing us wonderful ficlets, ranging from supernatural AUs, heartbreaking disbandment stuff that will haunt me forever (damn you all), Vixx het pairings (yey), an AU where Vixx are hookers (cough)/spies /baristas /survivors of apocalypse /EVERYTHING. JUST THANK YOU I BOW AT EVERYONE'S INGENUITY.

(I promise to make a proper write-up once I get home fron traveling!)

EDIT: Claiming post is up to keep track of your fills :D

Are you in-between exchanges/ficfests? New to VIXX fandom and want a quick dip into fic-writing? Got prompts and ideas you want to read or try out? In the middle of slogging through your longfic, questioning your writerly (life) choices, hating long-plot-oh-god-what-long-plot, and you just want a VIXX and kittens drabble to exist because that will be so cute? (So. Cute.)

Because it's VIXX 3rd anniversary (err from like a week ago) let me present:

*thank you for the lovely rush graphics rescue by sweet [ profile] thunggyu
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