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Came across the three sentence ficathon then BAM, old MCU and  feelings coming back. Since I'm apparently turning this into some archive for not-fics and drabbles I would most likely not finish and post on my AO3, I might as well post it here.

prompt: MCU, Bruce/Natasha, I trust you (103w)

She has learned to read the signs--the shift from green to gray to warm human skin, how he subsumes the raw power into himself, curling on the ground in the tattered remains of his pants and nothing else. It is snowing in the middle of January at an unspecified location of her motherland; she holds onto his big puffy neon green jacket and stands there and watches as Bruce wrestles for control, her heartbeat as even as that of a metronome.

"Thank you," Bruce says as she helps him get into the warm jacket and Natasha, shaking her head, says "No problem."

MCU, Bruce/Natasha, twist yourself around me/I need company, I need human heat (133w)

Bruce is cold and Bruce is still somewhere lost inside himself, green-skinned and naked and no reinforcements in sight; the black-ops helicopter he swatted out of the sky lay in three distinct smoking pieces in the snow and the pilot has lost his head in the splotch of red and crunched metal.

 Natasha drops and sits by his side, radiating warmth, and Bruce doesn't let himself lean in lest he crushes her too.

 "They'll come and get us, don't worry," Natasha says, reaching out to pat his green-gray arm--no, she's spreading her arms to encompass what little she can of his back, a hug--and he would've laughed if he had his own mouth back but he's not there yet, no, so he sits back and accepts the comfort she gives him.


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