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Here we go again!

Feeling the summery itch of a VIXX fic at your fingertips? Muse on temporary leave, but by all spirits there must exist VIXX in togas or VIXX in an angsty gladiatorial match against each other? Or have you watched the conception art video and shortly thereafter mourned the loss of VIXX as dark magicians? (Me).

In celebration of VIXX's 4th anniversary and their various concepts (the conception art video sobs, magiciaaaaaaans where art thou), also in the continuing tradition of brevity and bashing writer's block on the head with a keyboard, I'm hosting the VIXX four three sentence ficathon second round!

(For the even longer storied past please check out the intro from last year's ficathon here.)

Short Version

  • ALL VIXX members, pairings, and crossovers welcome! (As long as one-half of the pairing is a VIXX member)

  • Prompt format: characters(s)/pairing, prompt word/sentence (or link to graphic or music). Only one prompt per comment please.

Leo, suddenly turned into an actual hamster
Ravi/Hyuk, only for the money
Ken/Sandeul (B1A4), duet

  • Fills of three sentences minimum (or four, or five, sometimes it just keeps on going huh?)

  • Multiple fills of the same prompt is encouraged!

  • Please provide appropriate warnings for prompts/fills with mature or sensitive content like noncon and dubcon. List of other things to warn for here.

  • You can post prompts/fills anon or un-anon. IP logging is off (just message/mention/DM me if your stuff got caught in the spam filter and I hadn't gotten to it for hours)

  • You can cross-post whenever and wherever you want.

  • Ficathon closes Thursday, June 30, 2016, Pago Pago time.

  • Old or new to fandom, it doesn't matter. Just jump in, prompt and write those three sentences! Have fun!

Edit: Claiming post here to keep track of your fills!

Edit 2: Some anon prompts/fills might be accidentally marked as spam by lj. if your comment got caught in the spam filter just message me and I'll fix it :D - message from your friendly neighborhood host

Edit 3: AAAAAAAAAND THAT'S IT WE'RE DONE THAT'S A WRAP FOLKS! This post will now be closed to new prompts and fills. Thank you both anons and not-anons for chiming in with their prompts, ficnons for filling to their heart's content and giving us wonderful drabbles and aus, and for readers for, well, reading and commenting :D We've reached over 900 comments in about 20 days isn't that amazing? (That is the only stats I can do at this point haha). So thank you to the generous peeps for sharing their writing! And to the generous tlist who've participated and spread the word! (And now I will close up shop. But claiming post will remain open!)
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